"Let me love you a little more before you're not little anymore"


Newborn Photography

perth newborn photo sessions

A newborn photo shoot captures your perfect little creation during the first few weeks. I allocate up to 3 hours for our session to ensure we have plenty of time for feeding, settling baby & getting those beautiful photos all parents want.

I have a range of backdrops, props & outfits but encourage mum & dad to bring along any sentimental items. My style of newborn photography is natural, relaxed & vibrant. I aim to do several set ups of your baby along with family & sibling photos.

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Newborn Photography FAQ

How old should my baby be for a newborn photoshoot?

In general under 21 days old is best as baby is nice and sleepy & easy to pose. As a guideline when baby is between 10-14 days old. In saying that i photograph babies of all ages and their mood on the day doesn't necessarily reflect their age! We have been able to achieve sleepy & squishy poses with older babies (5 weeks plus)

What do you provide for the session?

I provide props such as baskets, buckets, little beds, chalk boards, & flowers. I have a range of backdrops for girls & boys. I also have a range of wraps, outfits & headbands. I put together 3-4 set ups based on the colours & inspo provided by clients. We can chat about the type of set up & look you are after (floral, bright, neutral etc). Every photographer's style is different so please have a good scroll through my gallery to ensure my style is the right fit for you and your vision :)

Have been been vaccinated for whooping cough?

Yes i have :). You and your family's health and safety is a top priority. I ensure im up to date with my whooping cough & flu vaccination

What safety precautions do you put in place for my newborn?

The health and safety of my clients and their babies is my number one priority. All poses are done in a safe & controlled manner ensuring the baby is safely positioned with mum/dad close by to assist. Babies will only be placed into poses that are comfortable & safe. All props, posing fabrics & outfits are cleaned & sanitised after use. All props are checked prior to and after each session. Hygiene is a top priority with strict hand hygiene being adhered to at all times.

Are Siblings & family members welcome to the photoshoot?

Absolutely! Prior to coming in we can have a chat about who will be coming in for the photo session. Grandparents, siblings & parents are of course welcome

Where are you located?

My home studio is located in Hamersley

newborn baby girl sleeping in bucket mint backdrop
newborn baby girl in flower wreath purple colours
mother holding baby black and white
mother and father holding newborn baby lovingly
father holding newborn baby boy in embrace
newborn baby girl in bucket smiling with yellow headband and wrap
newborn photography of baby girl wrapped in a cocoon
mother kissing newborn baby on forehead
mother and father embracing newborn baby girl wrapped in peach colours
newborn photography of baby boy sleeping in basket with blue colours
newborn photography of baby sleeping in a bucket with pink backdrop and wearing pink bloomers and headband
newborn photography of baby boy sleeping in fluffy basket with baby blue colours wrapped around him
newborn photography of baby girl sleeping on her tummy wrapped in mint on fluffy blanket