Hazelee's 1st Photoshoot

I am just loving all the baby girls coming into the studio this year and all the girly and floral props i get to use! Baby Hazelee is just over 3 months old and i adored doing her first ever photoshoot. Her big brother Zeke was photographed when he was a little baby and it was lovley to see him again, abit older this time. I was so blown away with how loving and helpful he is, despite still being so young, he even helped her with a bottle feed (naww, absolutely precious). Hazelee is a little doll with her big blue eyes, beautiful skin & button nose. Despite being abit older then a newborn i was able to catch her drift off to sleep towards the end of our photo session.

Sometimes it's difficult to come in for a newborn shoot in the first few weeks, just because it doesn't happen doesn't mean you should count yourself out of having a photoshoot of your baby. I photograph babies of all ages and work with them on the day. At over 12 weeks, little Hazelee is an example of the gorgeous shots that can be achieved with a older baby