Perth Photography Locations

When booking an outdoor photo session its important to think about the type of scenery & look you are after for your photos. This is a list of my favourite photo locations in Perth that i like to shoot at. They are all amazing in their own way. Each location offers a different look & feel. A beach location gives you a clean & airy colour palette with tones of blue, white and yellow, depending on the light & time of day. A beach location generally produces very relaxed, candid, and summery photos. Beach locations are popular for maternity shoots which are flowy, feminine & natural. Meanwhile rustic locations such as Perry's Paddock offer natural greenery & textures for your photos with a warm, vibrant and joyful feel and backgrounds filled with contrast, trees, grass & foliage. Inner city/man made locations such as Maylands Peninsula Farm & Matilda Bay are a blend of nature meets city with calm water from the river, boats in the background and manicured lawn. If you have a favourite photo spot send me an email, i would love to hear from you I love exploring Perth & photographing in new locations!

"Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places where other people see nothing"

—Camille Pissarro

Burns Beach

Beach, Coastal, Airy

Big beautiful rocks, vibrant green moss & stunning sunsets is what this location always delivers for my photo sessions! I love burns beach as a photo location as its a little different to other beaches with it's cliff face features & rocks and greenery. I love colour and vibrancy and i really love the greenery on the rocks at this beach. The green really pops. An ideal location for a maternity, couple or family photo shoot.

Perry's Paddock

Rustic, Greenery, Textures, Wild Grass

I cannot say enough good things about this location. I love Perry's Paddock & Yellagonga Regional park!! This location is incredibly popular among Perth photographers and for good reason. It is truly stunning during the golden hour & has it all from rustic & textured buildings, vibrant greenery, rustic Australian bushland & big logs & trees. Some walking is required between spots if you want to do them all (Perry's Paddock, Beenyup Swamp Boardwalk) but the stroll is definitely worth it.

Carine Open Space

Stables, Greenery, Australian Bush

This beautiful location is a 4 minute drive from my house and i adore it not just because its so convenient but also because of how natural it is despite being in the middle of suburbia. The disability riding school in Carine is an amazing organisation and their horses are always grazing and relaxing; they make a great backdrop & have such a calming presence. The lake adjacent to the riding school is lovely and natural and has big beautiful gumtrees infront of it, a great backdrop for family, maternity or couple photoshoots

Matilda Bay

Boat Marina, Swan River, City Backdrop,

Not only is this a great picnic spot but also a wonderful location for photos with the kids or family. Matilda Bay is very central & offers a city backdrop in conjunction with greenery & boats. The sandy shore along the river also looks like a mini beach and you can get some really nice shots with the kids either sitting on the grass or walking beside the water.

Maylands Peninsula Farm

Cottage, River, Gardens, Australian

A central location by the river that offers greenery, gardens and a English country feel. The actual building you see with the white veranda was originally a Farmer's Cottage.

This is a beautiful little building with alot of history (definitely check it out This location offers a cosy, warm, farm feel that is a little more refined with the English style cottage and manicured lawns & hedges. This photo location does particularly well for family photoshoots with larger groups as well. If you're in the area its worth also going to the tea house there & doing a high tea by the river, its very relaxing!

Trigg Beach

Rocks, Sunset, Beach, Airy

Trigg Beach is one of my absolute favourite beaches. Aside from being a great photo spot, i just love hanging out there. I love to do maternity & family photo sessions at Trigg Beach. The mossy rocks on the shore produce a mini cove and interesting backdrop with the rock island in the background. This location is ideal for sunset only sessions. The feel of the photos is usually flowy, warm, vibrant & airy. This location really compliments maternity shoots & i have done many of them at this location.

Secret Garden Gwelup

Greenery, Vines, Mystical

The secret Garden in Gwelup is a inner suburb treasure that delights photographers, dog walkers, kids & instagrammers. The gigantic green vines & greenery are truly spectacular (this girl loves CONTRAST & COLOUR). Kids love this location because its abit of a wonderland/fairy garden. I always get beautiful shots at this location

Wanneroo/Gnangara Pines

Pine Forest, Woody, Earthy

I have combined these two locations because they are quite similar; both being pine plantations. The Wanneroo & Gnangara Pines are popular spots for family photo sessions involving kids. Its a fun location to explore and particularly lovely towards the end of the day when the light is not as patchy in between the trees. Kids love picking up the pine cones scattered on the forest floor. I love both locations for the foresty, earthy tones & feel, a different look to Australian vegetation with the tall rows of pine trees. Very Peaceful!